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Ron's Opinion Page

Ron's common sense opinions

by Ronald C. Buckman

Disclaimer: Although the opinions listed here make perfect sense to me, they are not necessarily Gospel truth.

I prefer Year Round Standard Time

We should go to year round standard time because the switch to daylight saving time once a year leads to increased accidents and heart attacks. There have been bills in many states to keep the offset from UTC the same year round. Most of the world, including many countries in temperate and polar latitudes, do not use daylight saving time. In 2011, Russia repealed daylight saving time. If we go back to year round standard time and people want more daylight after work, they could lobby to move the work schedules an hour earlier on the clock. Meeting schedules could also be moved back an hour earlier on the clock. There are bills that if passed, would move Washington State to year round standard time. I would recommend a yes vote on such a bill if the bill was amended so it would take effect if and when Oregon passes year round standard time for the over 90% of Oregon which is in the Pacific Time Zone. Other states have bills to keep the clocks year round at either current standard time or current daylight saving time. If the Washington State Legislature is not willing to pass this, I would at least like to have an initiative on the ballot concerning this. Going to the current standard time year round does not require federal approval. Going to the current daylight saving time year round requires approval from either the U.S. Department of Transportation or Congress.

More houses and apartments should be built to reduce homelessness and make housing more affordable

In many areas, rents and housing prices have gone up faster than average paychecks. This is due to the demand of housing outstripping the supply! The population increase in most areas has overridden the increase in the availability of housing. Therefore government officials should allow more housing units to be built and immigration reduced. I do not support rent caps if there is no effort to increase supply, because that would just lead to shortages of available housing. Nor do I support rent caps that are too low, again leading to housing shortages. Nor do I support limits on the number of children married couples can have. unlike my belief as a teenager; because I don't want the government to override God's will. I prefer allowing national forests to be harvested to meet people's needs and I favor the reduction of federal government land. People should protest peacefully to reduce homelessness with the methods listed above!

Some Washington State elected officials denounced for not allowing full, historic religious freedom

Some elected officials in the state of Washington are not allowing full, historic religious freedom in clear violation of the First Amendment of the American Constitution and Article I Section 11 of the Constitution of the State of Washington. The statewide office holders named as violators are:

The above listed elected officials have effectively eliminated the rights in Washington state of private, for profit business owners to refuse to provide services for same sex weddings if the businesses provide the same services to heterosexual weddings. The Holy Bible, which has been completed over 1,800 years prior to the start of the modern homosexual (gay) rights movement, does not recognize same sex marriages. Yet, the above listed Washington state officials and others have conspired to coerce conservative, Christian business owners to violate their consciences and service same sex weddings. The cases that led to this is Ingersoll v Arlene's Flowers, and Arlene's Flowers v State of Washington. Barronelle Stutzman (1945- ) owner of Arlene's Flowers, has been denied her right not to make floral arrangements for same sex weddings. Bob Ferguson joined in the lawsuit against her. A Benton County Superior Court ruled against her. The Washington State Supreme Court unanimously ruled against her. She is appealing to the U.S. Supreme Court. If she doesn't win at the U.S. Supreme Court she would lose her business and could lose almost everything she owns. There is no compelling state interest to prevent freedom of conscience for business owners since there is no shortage of business owners in Washington state willing to provide services for same sex weddings. I believe that if the state officials listed above don't repent of their actions against religious freedom, they will be punished for their actions after their earthly lives are over in Hell. Their are also similar violations done by elected officials in several other states including Oregon, and in other countries.

The listing of the government officials above, is not an endorsement of disobeying state laws or any other governmental laws that apply to your jurisdiction, except for laws that violate teachings of the Holy Bible.

Stop Restraining Order Abuse

This link demonstrates that restraining orders have been used by unscrupulous women to steal property from husbands or boyfriends. This is wrong. Why are politicians so afraid to reform or get rid of restraining orders? I also don't like that the length of restraining orders runs such a long time (often over 75 years), when the respondent did not get convicted of any crime. These restraining orders have kept respondents from visiting neighbors of the petitioners who are friendly to the respondent. I do believe in protecting virtuous women (and sometimes men) from abusers, but nobody has proven to me that restraining orders are the proper method to do it. There is no long time precedence for restraining orders (sometimes called no contact, or civil anti-harassment protection orders)

In March of 2000, a Longview, Washington female resident obtained a civil anti-harassment protection order against me that is slated to last until 2099. Although it is true that I did do some wrong actions to her in 2000, actions which I since repented to God of and stopped doing, I was not convicted of any crime, and in my judgment this woman exaggerated what I did to her. The restraining order didn't seem to be much of a problem, for I have almost no desire to contact this woman, until a senior friend, Roger Hendrickson, moved next door to her in February of 2004. I did not know that the petitioner of the restraining order lives right next to the address that Roger Hendrickson moved to until a couple days later when I found a note on Roger's door from the Longview Police warning me to have no contact with that woman. Then I saw her in the front yard and quickly left. It is not right that one unforgiving woman should use the force of the law to keep me from visiting a respected senior citizen at his home. The Bible says in Matthew 6:14-15, "For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you: But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses." But, those that don't obey this passage and are in danger of hellfire. Once again, I have almost no desire to contact this woman. And unlike her and the Longview Police, I do not keep friends from visiting their friend's houses. I do not hate this woman, I just hate some of her actions. I have forgiven her part way, and will forgive her completely if she vacates the restraining order and ends her hostile feelings towards me.

People over Animals and Plants

We should not go out of our way to protect endangered species, if such protection hurts the ability to provide the basic needs of people. There is enough of a shortage of food and building materials in Africa, Latin America, and parts of Asia; without us having to not farm certain areas, or not cut certain trees, in order to protect endangered species. The presence of a rare snail darter should not prevent a beneficial dam from being built. Neither, should the presence of a rare spotted owl prevent a forest from being logged. We should not hurt the environment needlessly, but governments should not put the protection of animals and plants over the welfare of people.

Stop favoritism of sons over daughters in India and China!!!

This favoritism of sons over daughters, is leading many to kill their daughters. It is causing a shortage of available women for the men. Studies show that the violent crime rate among single men is much higher than among married men. This favoritism tears apart the fabric of society, as many single men, when they do not have strong moral values, often commit violent crimes. The custom of the dowry, in which a daughter's parents have to pay money to a son's parents, worsens the problem. The dowry should be done away with!

Ron Buckman

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