My mother, Karen Marie's 2nd page

Jesus can help you, no matter what the problem is. Just ask Him to forgive you for your sins and become Lord of your life.

Even though I have had my share of problems, Jesus has helped me. I lost my husband, my home, my job in 1981. After praying, the Lord helped my children and I in so many ways. He helped us get a place to live. Church people and others brought us food. My former husband got me a car and money when I needed it. My two grown children got jobs and helped also. The Lord healed me at various times, including having a sore tooth. Since, I couldn't afford a doctor or dentist.

Then the Lord brought another husband into my life who is a Christian. He helped me with a plumbing problem and later we got a better home to live in.

God has done many other things to help us. He can do the same for you if you let Him. Read your Bible and go to church1 also.

1After churches are opened up for live worship following shelter in place.
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