Mother's Story

by Karen Marie ..., the mother of the site author

In 1981, my husband wanted a divorce.  He had become involved with another woman.  We had been married over nine years.

The Lord used Bible verses, songs, and books to help me after we broke up.  People also helped me.

After losing my job, the Lord wanted me to fast and pray for people.  I tried to get another job but the Lord prevented it from happening.  

My husband wanted me to move from the home we lived in.  I knew the Lord wanted me to move.  After living in an apartment for a while.  My parents got an older mobile home for my son and daughter and I to live in.   We needed three bedrooms.  It had three bedrooms.  We needed an extra bed.  It had an extra bed.

My parents helped pay the space rent on our mobile home.

There were so many things that the Lord provided for us.  My daughter was going to college and the Lord helped her financially.

He also helped her to get rides when she wasn't going to college locally.

Once the windshield wipers on my car weren't working when it was raining.  After I prayed, it stopped raining.

My teeth and gums hurt at different times and the Lord got them to stop hurting.

My daughter wanted a certain jacket.  My brother got her that exact jacket without knowing that she wanted it.

Friends gave us fruits and vegetables.  Also, my parents gave us some at times.

My son needed his bike fixed.  A woman give him twenty dollars to get it fixed.

I had a flat tire on my car.  After prayer, my cousin's husband came by and fixed the tire.

I needed some money for Christmas.  My church gave me the exact amount I prayed for.  The didn't know I needed that amount of money.

The Lord helped my daughter when she went on a mission trip to Mexico with a group from college.  Someone slashed a tent and stole some things, but no one was hurt.

I needed to sell my car.  A man from church bought it.  He didn't know I wanted to sell my car.

Mom bought my daughter tires for her car, my sister gave my daughter money to get a uniform for her job at a restaurant.

I prayed that people would be blessed for helping us and that is what happened.  Some got good jobs and some got to go to Europe and other places.

Once during a storm, our door blew open; the chain on it broke.  I found some wire on our kitchen counter to fix it.  I do not know how the wire got there.

My brother and a man from church offered to help my daughter get a battery for her vehicle.

A friend brought us food, milkshakes, a fruitcake, and clothes for my son once.

After I prayed, someone from a church my son attended, gave him money to pay for our electric bill.  My son also got various jobs to pay on his college loan.

After my daughter got a good buy on a camera, a friend gave her zoom lens.

Later, she lost her camera and zoom lens.  After I prayed about it she got them back from the lost and found.

Whenever my son and daughter needed rides at times, they got rides.

Once at the store parking lot, my daughter accidentally hit a truck with her car.  After prayer, the owner of the truck said chalk it up to experience.

My son's bike pedal broke.  My brother happened to come by on a week day, which he usually didn't do since he would be working then.  We had an appointment then.  He took my son's bike so my dad would fix it.

Some limbs on a tree were hitting our roof so I prayed, someone would come and cut the limbs.  That is what happened.  The man who owned our property had someone come and cut the limbs and I never told him about the problem.

A friend of my daughter's lost his job.  After I prayed, he got another job.

We got plenty of clothes and shoes from relatives.  Once my ex-husband was going to take my daughter to college in another state.  She and I wanted to go to the store first but my ex-husband wanted to leave before she  could go to the store.  Then he found out his wife wanted to go to a city farther away and get her son.  SO my ex-husband decided to do that first.  Then my daughter and I were able to go to the store while he was gone.

A friend of my daughter's took me shopping more than once while she was away at school.  I prayed that the Lord would bless him and he got a better job.

My daughter lost some money.  My ex-husband gave her the money she needed after I prayed about it.

We had been on food stamps but the Lord wanted us to get off of them.  So I did.  My mother took me to the store some of the time when my daughter was at school.   I didn't want to worry my mother, so I prayed the Lord would keep her from finding out that we no longer getting welfare help until the time was right for her to find out.  That is what happened.    Once she went to look at yarn when I was in line to pay for groceries.  Then a baby distracted her another time.  Then another time I was buying some spices.  The clerk didn't know the price so my mother and a clerk went to see what the price was.  The clerk got back before my mother did so I was able to pay for the food before my mother came back.

Our refrigerator stopped working.  My parents came over on a Sunday and they usually never came over on a Sunday.  They took some of our food and the next day they got me a different refrigerator.  I needed a calendar and there was a calendar in the refrigerator.

Once my furnace stopped working in the winter.  Then, it suddenly started working again in the night.  

One morning, I needed to get up early to study the Sunday School material, as I was teaching children.  The Lord used a fog horn to wake me up.  

The Lord gave me a verse from the Bible that says a dimly burning wick He will not quench.  Is is in Isaiah 42.  I know that the Lord would help us get our electricity bill paid.    My son got a job so it could get paid.

I prayed my mom would get to go to a ladies banquet.  She got to go.  I spoke at the banquet.  

Some friends of my daughter were going to get a divorce.  We prayed for them.  They decided not to get a divorce.

Some woman from a church gave us food and my church gave us food and money.

I prayed my brother and his wife would have a boy and not long after that they had a boy.  Later my other brother and his wife had two boys.  I had prayed he would eventually have children also.

My sister made a birthday cake for my daughter one year.  Her birthday is on the Fourth of July.  She usually has a red, white and blue cake.   This time, she wanted different colors.  The cake was the colors that my daughter wanted.

My son lost his wallet.  Later, the library called and said they found it in a chair cushion.  The money was still in it.

My daughter got her hours cut at the store where she worked.  After I prayed, she got to work more hours.

My son got a job again and he almost didn't get to keep the job.  There was a quota to fill and he didn't have transportation.  I prayed he would get to keep the job and they let him keep it.  It was a temporary job.

I prayed we would get some fish and a friend gave us a huge fish.  We also got some fish from others also.

The Lord gave me inspiration from radio shows also.  Someone said keep persevering and don't give up.  Also someone said the work you do will be rewarded; be strong and don't be discouraged.

My daughter was going to go into the Army.   Some friends worked it out so that she could go into the Reserves instead.  Her friends and I both felt she should go into the Reserves instead.

In 1990 we had a windstorm.  The electricity went off.  I prayed and it came back on at mealtimes.  Then it kept raining for days.  I prayed it would stop so it wouldn't flood, and it stopped.

We had a pipe that leaked water.  A man came to fix it.  He got delayed in fixing it so he never charged me any money.

I prayed my daughter would get a better car and she was able to get a better one.

We had more financial problems.  The Lord revealed He would help us.  Soon people brought us food and my son got another job.

The Lord helped me write a poem for my parents anniversary.  

A girl at church needed dressy shoes.  My sister-in-law gave us some clothes and shoes.  One pair of shoes fit the girl at church.

I prayed my daughter wouldn't have to go to Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War.  She went to Germany instead.

I needed someone to fix a leaking kitchen pipe.  I tried getting a Christian organization that my pastor suggest to have someone come and fix it.  They said they would get back to me when I called them.  I didn't hear from them.  Finally my pastor mentioned at church that I needed a plumber.  A man at church said he would help with the problem.  He came over after calling me.  He fixed the plumbing.  The we got acquainted.

I found out we are close to the same age.  He was divorced also.   Then we started seeing each other.  By the end of that year 1990, we got engaged and got married in January of 1991.

He quit smoking right after we got married with the Lord's help and also quit drinking alcohol a little later.

I needed a washer and dryer and he had them.  I needed a better refrigerator so we got one.

My daughter got married the same year.  The Lord helped her get a good buy on a wedding dress and He helped in other ways with the wedding.  I was able to borrow a dress in just the right color also.

My old water heater kept working until after I got married.  Even though it was getting old.  

My children heard from their half sisters and their Dad after I prayed about that.  Their half sister's mom had become a Christian.

The Lord helped me get a new mobile home.  At first we couldn't move in because it was too close to the neighbor's fence.  The Lord worked it so that the neighbor had to take down her fence.

My husband had problems with his back and neck due to the type of job he had.  The Lord helped me find out about a Christian chiropractor he could go to.

My stepdaughter had diabetes.  She became a Christian before she passed away.  We had prayed and witnessed to her for years.  Her ex-husband led her to the Lord.

The Lord has blessed us with one granddaughter and two great-granddaughters.

There are many things that the Lord has done for my family and I.  He will do the same for all who trust in Him and accept Jesus as their Savior.  All have sinned and need Jesus to forgive them for their sins.  Ask Jesus to forgive you for your sins and be Lord of your life and you will be saved.  He loves you and can help you with any problem.  Find a good Christian church to attend and pray and read a Bible also.

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