An Open Letter to the Leadership at New Life Church

The following letter is to the Senior Pastor, his wife, the nursery leader and her husband who serves on the church council.

Dear Pastor Tony, his wife, Preben* and Annika*

Greetings in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ

Pastor Tony, I appreciated most of your messages when I was attending Newlife Church. You are much respected at Newlife. Annika is a fine nursery leader and mother, and Preben is respected as a father and church council member.

Nevertheless, during the period that Newlife was having online service only, I ran into strong differences with you. You banned me from seeing your Facebook pages. I was accused by the former nursery leader of stalking Preben and Annika's 11 year old daughter Roslyn*. My defense is that I didn't violate a Biblical rule and didn't follow Roslyn to her school or to her family's house. I violated a personal preference that was not made clear to me when I was attending Newlife. At that time I thought Roslyn would likely have a special role with me in Heaven. Since then God has revealed to me that she will not have a role in my existence in Heaven any more special than most people in Heaven. This is not a problem with Roslyn, but it may be due to a personal failure that I had recently in my life.

Also, I made some posts on the Newlife Facebook page that although it were my sincere feelings it were worded in ways that didn't properly respect Pastor Tony. For this I am sorry.

I am asking that I will be welcomed if I visit Newlife Church again, and that you all will contact me to indicate such. There are people there who I believe want to see me again, including some children. I will continue to attend Valley View Church as my regular congregation. I look forward to hearing or reading your reply.

With Love,

Ron Buckman

Names with asterisks are not the real names of the people.


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